Insurrection of the depth

Dark Ambient, Experimental and IDM mix for Deep Electronics' Ambient Sessions, originally released in 2017.

"Insurrection of the depth" is my first Ambient podcast.
Recorded on a cold and dark winter day, this mix takes you to a deep, mysterious and dark journey through different levels of insanity. This is not just interesting Dark Ambient music, it has also a few experimental, drone and IDM influences.

My first impressions with ambient music are already way ago. Somewhere in the mid 00's i've got an impressive and profound experience with vivid ambient and experimental music - a lucid dream. Since then, ambient got a special place in my heart.
That experience was also a reason why i found my way to dub techno, where i have my focus. Due to the fact that i am a record collector, i bought dozens of ambient, experimental and IDM records during the past years. It was challenging to compile them for a first mix, because i had so much to choose from.
But the result speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy this journey and tell me all about your thoughts and experiences!

  • Title
    Insurrection of the depth
  • Artist
  • Label
    Deep Electronics
  • Release Date
  • Length
    107 min.
  • Style
    Dub Techno
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