Comfortnoise Podcast

Dark and experimental halftime Drum and Bass podcast for the swiss label Comfortnoise, released in August 2018.

I'm already into D'n'B since the 90's, but i've somehow never found any space in my record shelf for it.
After i discovered halftime (or halfstep) Drum & Bass a few years ago, i've had no chance to resist the urge to buy some records. Also, the genre worked really well on our gigs with 'Comfortnoise Ploy', so i had to put it in a podcast once.
And here you go! The goal was to create a compact and interesting 60 minutes mix for my friends ('') label Comfortnoise.
You can expect dark and experimental sounds, along with some dubby influences which imho are essential for halftime Drum and Bass.
I'd love to hear some feedback on this one down below in the comments section! Enjoy!

  • Title
    Comfortnoise Podcast
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  • Length
    60 min.
  • Style
    Halftime Drum and Bass
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