Comfortnoise Ploy – Offset

Experimental and dubby podcast for Spiel:feld, released in 2016

Enjoy spiel:feld´s podcast no.84 - compiled, mixed and filled with additional effects by the project Comfortnoise Ploy from Switzerland.

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★ about:
“Offset” was recorded on a typical Swiss Sunday in April during a constant succession of rain, snow and sunshine. Kind of like Comfortnoise Ploy, a multi-genre and multi-instrumental stage project, performed by XEED & on turntables, the singer and MC Iyah Ranx, and the effect device operator Rjega on the legendary vintage Roland Space Echo RE-201. In this session, we additionally applied a melodica, blues harp, jew’s harp, flute and different types of rattles besides an Elektron Octatrack and a Korg Monotron Delay. The outcome is a versatile, thoroughly dubbed out sound fabric displaying the aesthetics of techno, reggae, steppers and halfstep. – It was a perfect day for a bass heavy studio séance. And, gee, did we feel it! Hope you have fun as well!

★ cover picture:
Villa Turc by Le Corbusier in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland (photo by Marius ‘Comfortnoise’ Neukom)

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    Comfortnoise Ploy
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    113 min.
  • Style
    Dub Techno
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